How To

  1. Unlocking KeePassXC with Nitrokey

    After long wait, with KeePassXC version 2.7.6, we finally have Nitrokey 3 support!

  2. Full Nextcloud and Android Synchronization

    Two-way synchronization of Android files, contacts, calendars, and tasks with a Nextcloud server.

  3. How To Merge Anki Decks

    If you use Anki for any length of time, there are many occasions where you could find cards split up across multiple decks even though they should probably be in th...

  4. How to Follow Lemmy Users

    Reddit users flocking to Lemmy are looking for features they’re familiar with. One of those is following other users’ activity.

  5. 3D Modeling and Sculpting in Blender VR With Oculus Quest and Free Software

    Other Blender VR tutorials teach how to use VR to walk around your scene, but with this tutorial, learn how to actually work on your projects while in VR.

  6. How to Use Jekyll Environments

    If you read the previous article explaining Jekyll environments, you’re now ready to implement them.

  7. How To: Set Up Nextcloud + Syncthing Integration

    In this article we walk through the exact step-by-step instructions to combine Nextcloud and Syncthing.

  8. How to Install Nextcloud on Debian 10 Buster

    Intro Installing Nextcloud can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. We prepared this walkthrough using a Debian 10 Buster container on Proxmox, wi...

  9. Google-Fu

    Search Engine Tips and Tricks Herein lies the secret to help find anything online.

  10. Anki: Proper Deck Organization

    Now that you have a ton of decks, let's clean up the mess.