It Came From The Internet is your new favorite tech blog. Here, we like to tell you about some of the coolest stuff found out in the wild on the internet.

It Came From the Internet will always prioritize things we find that is FOSS. We’ll also look at some free software that isn’t open source. We try to avoid promoting commercial software, but on the rare occasion we do, it’s either because it blew it’s FOSS alternatives out of the water, or there are no FOSS alternatives. This means we’ll probably not recive paid advertising for these products, so you can trust that when we say we love them, we actually do. If we ever do recieve revenue from a product promoted here, we pledge 2 things:

  1. We will always state that we’ve been compensated.
  2. We will give our honest opinion of the product, regardless of compensation.

Many of the proprietary companies use their profits towards expensive advertising campaigns. This is why Google Drive and Apple Cloud are household names while Nextcloud is lesser known. FOSS alternatives often have equal functionality, if not better than their paid alternatives.