1. What Are Jekyll Environments

    Jekyll Environments allow changing portions of your Jekyll site depending on the build environment. In this post, we give an overview of how it works.

  2. Blender: 3D Software for All

    It Came From the Internet reached out to me, and asked if I would write an article about Blender, due to my… special knowledge of the software. Writing isn’t really...

  3. Tinkercad Review

    CAD stands for Computer Aided Design. There are many different types of CAD programs, all with different uses, whether it be for 3-D Modeling, electrical schematics...

  4. AliExpress Review

    My Favorite Online Shopping Website Amazon Prime can’t be beat for those who need it now. But if you have just a little bit of patience, you deserve a better optio...

  5. TasteDive Review

    Unlocking the Magic of TasteDive: Your Ultimate Guide to Discovering New Interests Read on for our full review of the recommendation engine.

  6. Nextcloud

    The safer, more private file sharing and cloud-based office platform

  7. Syncthing

    A Better Backup Solution

  8. Raspberry Pi

    If you’ve been around the tech scene for any amount of time, no doubt you’ve heard of the Raspberry Pi. You’d be hard pressed to find a tech website without mention...

  9. Anki SRS

    An Indispensible Tool For Those Who Learn I, like many, began using Anki by looking for a program to study Japanese. Years ago when I first discovered it, Anki was...