• Tinkercad Review

    Tinkercad Logo

  • Google-Fu

    Search Engine Tips and Tricks

    Herein lies the secret to help find anything online.

  • AliExpress Review

    My Favorite Online Shopping Website

    Amazon Prime can’t be beat for those who need it now. But if you have just a little bit of patience, you deserve a better option.

  • Nextcloud and Syncthing Integration

    How to Connect Both for Increased Functionality

  • TasteDive Review

    TasteDive Logo

    TasteDive (formerly TasteKid) is a platform for finding new entertainment based on your tastes. It’s similar to how Netflix, Spotify, or Pandora makes recommendations based on your likes. The difference, however, is that TasteDive can recommend more than just movies or music. Read on for my full review on TasteDive, the recommendation engine.

  • Nextcloud

    Sometimes I can be very disorganized. When I started forgetting appointments and missing deadlines, I realized I desperately needed a change. I should be using technology to keep my datebook. This led to my discovery of Nextcloud. I was looking for a way to sync a digital calendar across devices, regardless of which device I was currently using. To my surprise, Nextcloud offered much more than just calendar syncronization.

  • Anki: Proper Deck Organization

    Anki allows users to easily download shared decks which other users have made. This is great, but importing them can cause a mess. If you import too many, you may even see this warning:

    Anki Deck Count Warning

    Even if you don’t have this warning, it’s still important to properly organize your Anki decks. In this post, I’ll show how to group subjects (like Japanese or Math) into common decks, while retaining the ability to study specific topics (like Japanese Grammar or Multiplication).

  • Syncthing

    A Better Backup

    In regards to technology, most people have heard the term “the cloud” or “cloud storage”. A user chooses which files to upload to the cloud. Afterwards, the files are available to download to any device connected to the same cloud account.

    To understand why Syncthing is important, it’s important to understand how cloud storage actually works.

  • Raspberry Pi

    If you’ve been around the tech scene for any amount of time, no doubt you’ve heard of the Raspberry Pi. You’d be hard pressed to find a tech website without mention of some cool Raspberry Pi project. For those who have been living under a rock, the Raspberry Pi is an ARM based single board computer. It’s small size and low power requirements allow users to keep the Pi as an always-on computer.

  • Anki SRS

    An Indispensible Tool For Those Who Learn

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